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Siding and Overhangs

We are proud to offer Rollex™ brand steel and aluminum siding products, which are some of the highest quality siding materials in the industry. We have many different colors and styles to choose from, giving you the ability to pick a combination that fits the architectural character of your home. You can choose colors that closely match your current paint scheme, or give your house a whole new look by choosing a new scheme from our wide selection of popular colors.

Steel and Vinyl Siding

Covering your exterior walls in siding not only greatly improves the look of your home, but it also creates an additional thermal barrier when combined with our 3/4 inch styrofoam insulation. We have several different styles of steel siding, with Double 5" Dutchlap being our most popular and stylish panel. We also have other styles of horizontal siding, and a vertical "Board and Batten" style panel. Each panel is embossed with a woodgrain finish, giving it an attractive real wood look. We prefer using Rollex™ brand siding and overhang systems, but if you prefer we also offer several colors and styles of high quality vinyl siding materials.


We can drastically improve your current overhang using our Rollex™ brand overhang system. This system combines using v-groove aluminum soffit panels for soffit and porch ceilings, and custom bent woodgrain steel fascia. We also custom bend woodgrain steel to cover freize boards, brick moulds, bird boxes, and any other part of your current wooden or masonite overhang. If you have an unsightly drip edge, we can remove it and bend the fascia underneath your shingles to give it a sleek look and still protect your overhang from rain and snow.


Using our woodgrain steel, we can custom bend and cover all of you door and window trim, garage door trim, wooden posts, corners, porch beams, and any other wooden trimwork you may have. Every house is unique, and our installers are experts at making custom trimwork for any situation.

Popular Rollex™ Color Choices
Cottage White
Norwegian Wood
Evening Grey
Barn Red
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